From friday September 25 to saturday October 3 | From monday to saturday: 5:30 to 9:00 pm. Sunday closed | 1ª floor, Afundación Abanca

Back in 2014, (S8) celebrated an edition devoted to Japan and its film scene. Among the guest artists of that year we had the pleasure to collaborate with Teruo Koike, a filmmaker and visual artist based in Kobe. We discovered his super 8 films –a collection of pieces made with photographs carefully put together, accompanied by a live sound performance during which he played a handmade flute made by himself. His interest in music is equally present in the installation we’re featuring this year: Cancer Treatment Diary. Koike coped with the disease by creating a musical piece in several acts that he periodically released through his social media accounts. Cancer Treatment Diary is a multilayer piece that the author built recording himself playing a tune, then recording himself again and adding the new footage to the previous one (plus the new sound layer) and repeating this process using different instruments, his voice, and recycled sonorous objects created and manipulated by himself –a fascinating process that we’re releasing for the first time as a continuous piece in a single session; a symphony that offers a reinterpretation of those times of illness and confinement.