What is eSe8_LAB?

eSe8_LAB is a new phase in education and research in carrying out cinematographic projects to which (S8) has made a commitment, giving them a boost and support. It is a phase in which previous projects, professionalisation, tutoring, artistic residences and training are all consolidated and extended. Examples include: INPUT – Personalised Tutoring Space for Cinematographic Projects in Development; BAICC – International Artistic Residencies for Cinematographic Creation; PARADISE – Meeting of Fine Arts students; and OBSERVATORY – Professional conferences; in addition to the new eSe8_LAB Scholarships to carry out film projects in a prestigious institution in Europe.

With eSe8_LAB, these initiatives have had proven success, responding to a need in the sector for a kind of cinema that is not easy to distribute. Today it plays host to a greater number of works per year, improving their impact qualitatively and quantitatively, as well as their significance on the international scene.

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