A Flowerfall

Sep 28, 2020 | News

Our promotional image for this edition is the representation of an immense bouquet that we arranged with the multiple flowers sent by dear friends of the festival, among which we find filmmakers, programmers, collaborators, and members of our team. The image, that honors the leitmotiv of this year’s edition, The Secret Garden, also embodies our wish to recover the spring we missed, and our resolution to bring the experimental film community together again.

We received many magnificent flowers… so many that we realized they deserved more space to bloom. That’s why we have created a special online program where we’ll tell you the story of this unusual edition, indulging in the contemplation of every donated flower and the peculiarities that make it unique.
You can access it here:

Plants have also taken hold of our catalogue. Click to discover our full program and the flowers that cover its luxuriant pages: