(S8) 12th edition launches its online activities in Nomadica at LABA (Brescia, Italia)

Apr 21, 2021 | Featured, News

A (possible) trip around the world in Super 8

Nomadica, an Italian project led by Giuseppe Spina and Giulia Mazzone, has spent the last eleven years promoting the spreading and reflection around experimental cinema through screenings, seminars, workshops and online programs. Nomadica is a unique permanent lab devoted to the research on moving images and cinema as an art. In 2021 LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti di Brescia) invited Nomadica to develop a educational activity on experimental cinema: the Laboratorio per il cinema d’artista, a curatorial project that aims to identify the new links among art, teaching and reflection.

Elena Duque and Ángel Rueda from (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico are among the international curators invited to participate in this Laboratorio. In this context, the (S8) has put together a video essay and a program on super 8 experimental cinema under the title “A (possible) trip around the world in Super 8”, that will be available on Nomadica’s website from April 21 to May 30.

In the video essay made for the program, “Experimental Cinema on Super 8: An Instruction Manual”, we summon some of the filmmakers who have visited us over the last years (Claudio Caldini, Helga Fanderl, Marcos Bertoni, Teruo Koike and Saul Levine) to talk about the creative possibilities of the format.

In the program we invite the audience to take a trip around the world in super 8, through the films of Helga Fanderl, Claudio Caldini, Teruo Koike and Saul Levine.

This program is part of the interchange that will take place this year between the (S8) and Nomadica, that will culminate in a carte blanche on Italian experimental cinema that Spina and Mazzone will bring to our on-site edition in Coruña in June.