From Wednesday June 2 to Sunday June 6 | 12:00 – 2:00 pm and 4:30 – 8:00 pm  | Sala de exposiciones PALEXCO 

Projection-installation / Continuous loop double projection, super 8 film, magnetic sound

Preliminary Log is a projection-installation that functions as a sketchbook for the author’s upcoming project Frame Manoeuvres to Port. Developed in the ports of Toronto and A Coruña, the project brings forth two parallel research initiatives: on the one hand, it explores the landscapes we find in the port areas of both Toronto and A Coruña; on the other hand, it delves into the very tools of cinema –the devices that allow us to film and project what’s been filmed–, focusing on how the limits of a frame are established and drawing connections between them and the limits of the projected image. The frame and the projector’s gate are compared to the pilotage area of the port (a demarcated area that can only be accessed by an expert, allowed to maneuver on account of their proficient knowledge of those specific waters). Both of them are demarcated areas devoted to maneuvering. The word manoeuvre/maneuver has a double meaning, too: it refers to “a military or naval movement”, but it can also designate a procedure or method of working usually involving expert physical movement (mainly involving one’s hands).