Filmoteca de Galicia | Saturday June 3rd | 11.00 a.m. | Free entry to all venues until full capacity.

Anthony McCall’s work is based on the arduous conceptual work he has been carrying out since the early 70s, and on the fact that he considers the founding idea of cinema – that is, projected light- in a multilateral way. McCall is widely known in the contemporary art scene for his “solid light” works, impressive immaterial sculptures exhibited in the world’s leading museums and galleries. The work is part of a process that he himself will explain in this master class: a talk illustrated with images and clips, based on works such as Landscape for Fire (1972), an outdoor performance with fire sculptures, Landscape for White Squares, and Earthwork. Then he will address his Cone Films, and also works such as Long Film for Four Projectors (1974), Four Projected Movements (1975) and the milestone in thinking about cinema: Long Film for Ambient Light (1975). It is an illustrated talk in which he will also include his most recent work in vertical format, installations in a public space such as the monumental Crossing the Elbe, and his works with mirrors like Split-Second (Mirror), in addition to other recent conceptual and visual concerns and research.