Sala de Prensa Afundación | Saturday May 27th | 12:00 p.m. | Free entry to all venues until full capacity. It will not be possible to enter the venues after the screening has started.

The repercussions that festivals have on society and the environment are very real. Every activity carried out has an inevitable impact on the environment, the population and the economy. Year on year, awareness in the cultural sphere as regards sustainability is increasing, and this is reflected in the way events are held. That is why ever more steps are being taken to reduce the footprint we leave, and we are becoming aware of the effects of our activities. In the Proxecta Panel, we will be discussing these steps being carried out, the difficulties that festivals encounter in applying them, and how progress is being made in achieving them as all those involved become more aware. 


  • María Baqueiro, coordinator of the Galician Sustainable Culture Pact 

  • Luis Campos, director of the Sinsal Festival 

  • Nerea Lores, co-director of FICBUEU (Bueu International Film Festival) 

  • Marcos Gallego, director of the Mares da Fin do Mundo festival 

  • Ana Domínguez, co-director of the (S8) Mostra Internacional de Cinema Periférico festival