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Since it began its journey in 2010, one of the most significant areas of the (S8) programme has been films made on the periphery, outside the mainstream commercial circuits. That was a time when a generation of creators were beginning to emerge who are now international exemplaries. At the time, we provided them with a platform for dissemination with which to reach programmers, reviewers and filmmakers all over the world. This is the case of the as-yet still almost unknown Oliver Laxe, who opened that (S8) in 2010 with his short films. 

That support continues to be a firm commitment, embracing the cinema of that generation that has now become established, while also providing a space for the voices of the future. The experience has given rise to this online section that we are presenting today under the name of “Ultreia et Suseia”. In the same spirit with which pilgrims were greeted, encouraging them to continue on their way with the word “Ultreia!” (“Forward!” or “Further!”), to which the pilgrims replied “Et Suseia!” (“And higher!”), at (S8) we wish to continue helping the creators from this country on their path. Our “Ultreia et Suseia” consists of a collection of monographic programmes with some of the most outstanding voices in Galician cinema today.

This collection of documentary bites in the form of interviews helps foster our most recent cinema through the Xacobeo 21 digital platform. Artists like Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado (2021); Carla Andrade (2019), Berio Molina and Alexandre Cancelo (2019); Tono Mejuto (2018); Xisela Franco (2017); Diana Toucedo (2017) and Xiana do Teixeiro (2016), to whom this year we add up María Ruido (2018), all talk about these pieces of their work and their process to create them in a series of exclusive interviews held by (S8), illustrated with fragments from their films. All of the monographs are also subtitled in English to help their international reach.