Fundación Luis Seoane | Saturday June 8th | 11:00 p.m. | Free entry to all venues until full capacity.


Three films by Gaëlle Rouard in projections performed live by the artist.

Gaëlle Rouard | 2016 | France | 16 mm | 6 min

Before they were rotating, afterwards they rotate.

Gaëlle Rouard | 2011 | France | 16 mm | 20 min

The sea foams and bubbles. Gray white bleak everywhere.

Chasms and mountains. Water… only water! And nothing to absorb it all!

Other shattering shock. Brief look round of the chief. The needle progresses unperturbed.

First the sonar!

Water Diving and silver in the depths, lift up to the light and ice. Gaëlle Rouard is at the helm of the ship. Followed her gaze.

Gaëlle Rouard | 2014 | France | 16 mm | 25 min

Heat rises to the sky.

Fly face its end.

Sweep along bridges or run dry fountains.

Deaf are the gellinottes

Black mouth, dry throat

Drench the ground to the bone,

Like a beef wolf wheat down

Small valley in the rain,

Lantern on a nail.

Wolf tail end wolf

Soon lying and hiding

Let each one to keep watch other one