JEANNETTE MUÑOZFor Jeannette Muñoz, cinema is an endless ocean of action and thought, which possesses, at the same time, the privilege of being presence and incidence. Every project created by the filmmaker explores different aspects of this cinematographic space and invites us to reflect a little more about what we call cinema.
In this AulaCREA, organised by (S8) in collaboration with CREA (Association of Directors and Producers of Galicia), Jeannette Muñoz will give an illustrated presentation with screenings in 16mm which will also include a performance film by the filmmaker. Through the presentation of her different projects, as well as other visual materials, Muñoz will unveil, alongside the audience, the visible and invisible aspects of her film, as well as her work strategies.PROGRAM
Saturday 06/08 | 11:30 am | Sala (S8) PALEXCO
Muñoz will present the following projects:
ENVIOS, which explores the topic of film-correspondence or film-postcard.
Fotogramas, which presents analogue film material in its minimal visual expression, thus opening it up to reflection about the time it contains within itself.
Proceso hacia una película, which explores film script and editing from a performative perspective.