AZUCENA LOSANAGoing through Azucena Losana’s films is to come across with lots of faces and places, times and textures. As if she were trying to create an anthropology of her own, Losana makes pocket city symphonies and human scale portraits, she concentrates frantic crowds within super 8 frames, and she draws with her camera the lines of a life full of experiences and encounters. A study on the people of the present,who has also its counterpart in her exploration of the past, through an endless excavation, in which she has unearthed orfan films, home movies and commercial discards of all kinds, in a sort of archaeology of the recent past. Documents she has been re-using and re-interpreting the last years, building a work that moves fluently from cinema to performance,installation, collage, photography and drawing.
Azucena Losana was born in Mexico in 1977, and she has been living and working in Buenos Aires the last eleven years. Her work as an artist intertwines with her activity (past and present) in different collectives: in Mexico, in the Trinchera Ensamble and LEC, and in Argentina with DNI and Circuito CiN!CO, also organizing screening events. She has worked in the mythical Arco Iris lab in Buenos Aires, and from some years on she has also tackled archival and preservation works. Since her times in the Trinchera Ensamble, to which she associated in 2004, she has built an artistic oeuvre from which we feature here a selection of film works and short performances.PROGRAMAT YOUR HEELS
Azucena Losana, Czech Republic, Argentina, 2017, 16mm to video, 3 min.
A recurring dream where I keep on following his traces, always at his heels. (Azucena Losana)KARL-MARX-ALLEE
Azucena Losana, Germany, Argentina, 2015, super 8, 4 min.
Overlapping of the monumental structures of communist East Berlin architecture. (A.L.)NEÓN
Azucena Losana, Argentina, 2016, super 8, 4 min.
This is the portrait of Cesar, the heir of a tradition of light that reigned in the streets of Buenos Aires and now resists obsolescence. (A.L.)SIESTA
Azucena Losana, Chile, Argentina, 2018, super 8 to video, 3 min.
In the afternoon at Valparaíso, between 3 and 5 pm, all the hills remain almost still. (A.L.)INTERMISSION (RETRATO DE DANIEL VICINO)
Azucena Losana, Argentina, 2014, super 8, 4 min.
This is the portrait of Daniel Vicino, one of the most iconic characters of cinema in Argentina: inventor, technician, collector, but above all, in love with film. (A.L.)EL GUARACHES
Azucena Losana, Mexico, Argentina, 2013, super 8, 4 min.
“El guaraches” (leather sandals) is the nickname of the owner of this traditional “mezcalería” and handmade-sandal shop in Cuicatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico. From his collection of handcrafted mezcal bottles made by Oaxacan families, we chose two of the “Porn” collection to go. (A.L.)SP
Azucena Losana, Brazil, Argentina, 2015, super 8, 3 min.
The biggest, most populated and dizziest city in South America… While Cariocas are like tropical birds, Paulistas are like frenetic ants… Distances are greater and they’re always in a hurry. Always travelling between point A and B. A busy journey through a beautiful brazilian beast that can’t help moving on irregular beats. (A.L.)PAB (PARTIDO APOCALÍPTICO BRADERUNNERISTA)
Azucena Losana, Mexico, Argentina, 2014, super 8, 5 min.
The Apocalyptic Bladerunnerist Party preaches the belief that the world ended last century. Mankind reached the highest levels of speed until the loop closed. However, no one noticed the end because it never got the total destruction that was expected as a sign. So what we understand as present … is just inertia. (A.L.)TIERRAS DEL MAR
Azucena Losana, Chile, Argentina, 2018, 8mm and super 8, 6 min.
Leonel Vasquez built along with the carpenters and fishermen on the coast of Valparaiso, Chile, a boat/sound installation following the almost extinct tradition of the craft wooden boats that are still sailing these waters. Through the wooden speakers on board it is possible to listen to the voices of artisan fishermen narrating in first person the problems that they face every day to survive before the bureaucracy and industrial fishing. (A.L.)GARDEL
Azucena Losana, Argentina, 2018, 16mm, 3 min.
Letraset intervention and edition on projection copy of the film “Cuesta Abajo” Louis J. Gasnier, 1934. (A.L.)DEVELAR
Azucena Losana, Argentina, 2016, performance in super 8, 7 min.
Film loops overlapping its chromatic density and the textures achieved through experiments with hand processing techniques. (A.L.)
Live sound performance by Alexandre Losada and Luis Garrido.JINETES
Azucena Losana, Argentina, 2013, performance in super 8, 4 min.
The film footage of several family rides has been appropriated for a performance as luminous matter that overlaps, expands, adds and subtracts its colors and forms. (A.L.)
Live sound performance by Alexandre Losada and Luis Garrido.COLIBRÍ
Azucena Losana, Argentina, 2013, performance in super 8, 7 min.
For this performance a live audio equalization occurs. The levels of sound are altered to emulate the flutter of a hummingbird from a found, silent film. The sound is provoked by contact microphones attached to the projector running the film at a speed of 5 frames per second to show the degradation of the celluloid in detail. (A.L.)