The (S8) celebrates a successful return to the screening rooms

Video Summary of (S8) 2021

Camera Obscura: Val del Omar
PLAT Laboratory

Online program (S8) 2021:
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Open call for entries:
BAICC 2021 – Artistic Residencies

(S8) XII Mostra de Cinema Periférico 2021:
Promo video

(S8) XII Mostra de Cinema Periférico 2021 calendar:
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José Val del Omar:

At the core of (S8) 2021

Dreaming with your eyes open:
(S8)’s image for 2021

Micro is big:
Professional meetings at (S8) 2021

The voices of the avant-garde in (S8) 2021:

Deborah S. Phillips, James Edmonds, Tomonari Nishikawa, Esperanza Collado and Bruno Delgado
Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado:
Protagonists of (S8)’s Sinais

Jodie Mack, Juan Sebastián Bollaín, Pablo Marín, and David Domingo:
First confirmations for (S8)’s 12th edition

The (S8) 2021 begins online with Nomadica at LABA:
A (possible) trip around the world in Super 8

Save the dates:
(S8) 2021

Selected project, BAICC 2021

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