Nine of ten: these are the impressions that the photographer María Meseguer has been depicting (S8) with a personal, attentive, sensitive gaze. Beyond simply documenting the event, Meseguer has managed to create a work with a soul and style of its own, in perfect harmony with the spirit of the festival since the 2011 edition.

Images that transmit the heat of the moment, isolating and distilling its essence. Respecting the darkness of the cinema and taking advantage of the flicker of projectors, Meseguer has captured a collection of images whose composition and use of light transform them into photographs that function beyond the event. A labour that extends, as well, to a series of portraits of the filmmakers invited, which combines the value of instantaneity and improvisation with the creativity of her gaze and complicity with the subjects of the portraits.

Since the nineties, María Meseguer, a Madrid native established in A Coruña, has been building a solid career with space for personal work as well as the documenting of different institutions and events. This most recent work within the Mostra is covered in the exhibition 9/10 (S8), and in a book with the same title. The selection is divided into two main themes: portraits and rooms. Bringing into the foreground the image itself, the subject of the portrait and the moment that it meant for the festival, the path rejects chronology to highlight the aesthetic affinity among the photos, forming pairs or sequences and creating, in the process, a new form of experiencing these years of the festival.

Venue: Sala de exposicións PALEXCO
Dates: From May 30th to June 9th.
Opening and book presentation: May 30th 8 pm.
Opening hours: From 12 to 2 pm and from 4.30 a 9 pm.