SINAIS. CARLA ANDRADEIt has been a while since we all have been following the steps of Carla Andrade (Vigo, 1983) as one of the most promising voices of today’s cinema, and not only in the (S8), where we have screened some of her pieces in the past. Nevertheless, keeping her name in this “promise” status seems to be now something from the past, as we realise when we start looking at the trajectory she built up behind her, her great formal and ideological coherence and her distinctive personality as an artist. Carla Andrade is an essential name within today’s audiovisual creation (through her films as well as through her photographs and installations), and not only in Galicia but outside its borders, a trajectory we want to recognize through this focus that we dedicate to her work in our program.

This space we devote to Carla Andrade in our program has two parts: the first part will be a conversation (conducted by Xisela Franco) with a performative streak where Andrade will talk about her motivations, references and conceptual foundations, as well as about the diverse ideological and philosophical challenges she faces in her practice, illustrating this conversation with sound recordings, video excerpts and other materials. The second part will be dedicated to the screening of a selection of her films, that will guide us through some of the highlights of her work to this day.PROGRAMLISTEN TO ME

Carla Andrade, Spain, 2016, super 8 to video, 7 min.
Taking the elegance and poetic strength of the sea as main elements, Andrade subverts the role traditionally imposed on women. From observed objects to subjects that open their eyes to forgotten realities. Images that, when fading out, reflect a world whose sensitivity is mutating. Scenes of a dreamlike quality that borders surrealism so as to show the new order of things. (Javier H. Estrada)
Listen to me is a film that takes part from the collaborative feature film VISIÓNS, that belongs to the Cinema e Muller project.SIBILA

Carla Andrade, Spain, 2017, super 8 to video, 9 min.
Sibila leaves Constantinopla for Naraío to spend her last days consumed by melancholy due to the heartbreak produced by her twin brother Silván. Departing from one of the multiple narratives that follow and interpolate each other in a syncopated way in the story by Álvaro Cunqueiro “El Caballero”, we recreate a little story through a depurated and elliptical aesthetics to fight the obvious horror vacui that characterizes his work. (Carla Andrade)EL PAISAJE ESTÁ VACÍO Y EL VACÍO ES PAISAJE

Carla Andrade, Spain, 2017, video, 15 min.
Based on a phrase by Kim Daljin, which points out a reality where there is no discriminatory recognition since things do not have the value of their reflection. It is evoked, through the empty landscapes of the Atacama Desert, the integrated cosmovision from the Andean culture, in which natural phenomena are intimately linked to mythical aspects and social life. (C. A.)GEOMETRÍA DE ECOS I

Carla Andrade, Spain, 2013, video, 4 min.
First part of a non-narrative series that, through landscape, reflects on the representation of the emptiness and time in space; an emptiness symbolized by the white colour. Landscapes are emptied as an allegory of sensory deception and a metaphor of fragility. A study of the limits of matter, the absent, the invisible, the formless, the unintelligible, the mystery… (C. A.)MAGMA

Carla Andrade, Spain, 2014, super 8 to video, 6 min.
Drops of fire that create a universe of magmatic asteroids. Liquid and gravitatory reality. Cosmic energy. Atomized rhythm. Neurons of a liberated unconscious. Elimination of the idea of “soul” as a “whole”, reducing it to the condition of energy units in perpetual process, elemental particles without duration that emerge in perfect dependency. The “self” as a current of power units in endless becoming that gives the illusion of an entity. Karmic chain, idea of eternity as something that resides in the transitory, the eternal belongs to the instant. Eternity not as infinite duration but as the absence of temporality. Universe of mobile character, processual, relational and interactive of all that exists. Here the “object” is conceived as something that is in process of formation and completeness, losing and recovering itself from the vibrational rhythm of an universe in constant production. (C. A.)