Dec 1, 2023 | Featured, News

We work year after year for the Mostra or film festival to improve and to bolster support for developing and creating projects committed to creative cinema in analogue format. In addition to the BAICC award (International Artistic Scholarships for Cinematographic Creation), this year there are five INPUT development awards of €600, which will be bestowed upon five of those taking part in the INPUT 2023 Conference to give them a final boost, and an INPUT creation award endowed with €3,000 to complete a project with an artistic residency and give its subsequent premiere in the following (S8) in 2024.

At the end of the process for INPUT—Tutoring and Advice Space for film projects in development, following the last online tutorial last October between tutors and their pupils, this year’s tutors Albert Alcoz, Cloe Masotta, Giuseppe Spina, Helena Girón, Jessica Sarah Rinland and María Cañas were contacted to give a final assessment. Since all parties were satisfied with the good level of the participating projects as well as the headway made within the process, it was agreed to extend our support to the projects by Nicole Remy, Beatriz Freire, Louise Martin Papasian with Celeste Rojas Mugica, Carmen Pedrero, Álvaro Gómez Pidal and Pablo Agma.

The project by Nicole Remy,CON CIERTA LUZ” (“IN A CERTAIN LIGHT”), tutored by Albert Alcoz, will receive the INPUT 2023 creation award, for €3,000. Furthermore, this will result in an artistic residency that will enable her to carry out this award, to be released in the next (S8). All the others will benefit from separate INPUT development awards of €600 to continue working on developing their projects.

All of these, together with BAICC, mean there will be seven eSe8_LAB awards bestowed in 2023, making this a record year in terms of support for daring, free-minded film projects.

eSe8_LAB is a project carried out by the non-profit cultural association eSe8 within the context of the (S8) International Peripheral Film Festival (Mostra Internacional de Cinema Periférico) thanks to co-funding from the European Union–NextGenerationEU as part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, and from the Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute, ICAA.