X (S8) PARTYA very special birthday party with Captain’s show, a project of the German singer and composer Fee Reega and the guitar player and producer David Baldo, who has been shaking Madrid’s music scene from his studios Sound Division, where he has worked with bands such as Los Nastys, Mihassan, Papaya, Los Wallas, Violeta Vil, White Bats and Chiquita y Chatarra. A band completed by Oskar SD (drums) and Aaron Dall (bass). With post-punk as their sonic reference, Captains also expand their sound through elaborate guitar effects that make you think of the best shoegaze, a rhythmic section that is sheer krautrock and a pinch of 80s gruesome synth-pop. Ferocious songs, powerful, intense and ruthless, propelled by the bold Fee Reega’s texts, sensuous and strangely poetic. A universe of distortions and cinematic landscapes that has already captivated all those who have witnessed their cathartic live shows.
After the show, the night will be animated by Unicornio & Maquinita de vivir DJs (AKA Jesús Guisado and Elena Duque), who don’t care about genres, nationalities or prejudices: the most important thing when choosing every song is that it is danceable. Beautiful music from planet earth that go from tropical rhythms to Turkish rarities, also including sounds from Africa, eternal hits, troglodyte rock and roll, Iberic pearls, soul and fuck outside canons, psichedelia in all its sizes and color. Take out your dancing shoes.
Saturday 06/01 | 10:00 pm | Garufa Club