XPRESA WORKSHOP WITH JEANNETTE MUÑOZFollowing the path set in our ninth edition, (S8) takes a stand for cinema as a tool and driving force of social inclusion. Collaborating with diverse associations in the city, (S8) organises, along with NORMAL – The University of A Coruña’s Cultural Intervention Space, a workshop geared toward differently abled children and young people and led by a relevant figure in the realm of avant-garde experimental cinema. On this occasion, Jeannette Muñoz, a Chilean filmmaker based in Switzerland and one of the most brilliant analogue cinema artists of our time, proposes an educational experience that she calls, “Everything depends on the lens you look through”.The purpose of this workshop is for children to participate in a process of creating collective film fragments, drawing from the contribution and compilation of the individual ideas of each child. Combining the use of a simple camera and playing with homemade experimentation materials, the group will delve into these other ways of looking at the world that cinema makes possible and brings into being.
Through this, they will learn about manipulation and intervention of images and the creation of simple visual effects through free play with filters, translucent objects and stencils. They can get to know basic aspects of camera use and the task of recording. Using different materials, they will film outdoors and discover the possibilities of colour and texture for creating images that are different, strange, fun, distorted, romantic, diffuse, nonsensical and manifold, in a workshop rooted in the firm belief that film can foster creativity, self-confidence, teamwork, the experience of sharing, active participation and group communication.
Apart from the work sessions, which will take place at NORMAL (at the central office on Paseo de Ronda, 47), the workshop will feature a public closing presentation in which the workshop participants, along with their relatives and friends, have the opportunity to see their work and speak about them with the audience and the filmmaker.
This workshop will be led by Jeannette Muñoz. Born in Santiago de Chile, she has lived and worked in Switzerland since 1998. After studying in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Chile, specialising in the fields of photography and creation of photographic emulsions, she carried out studies, residencies and internships in the fields of photography and film in France, England, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. She has been working as an independent filmmaker since the year 2000. Muñoz has created numerous cinematographic projects and films in 16 mm, works which have been presented in numerous film festivals and cultural centres throughout the world.
From May 29 to 31 | NORMAL – Espacio de Intervención Cultural de la Universidade da Coruña
Projection of works resulting from the workshop: Sunday 2 June at 5 pm in Sala (S8) PALEXCO.